We are songwriters and love songwriting! We co-write! We've been signed to BMG Publishing and Reunion Records Publishing as well as having cuts with artists on Reunion Records, Word Records, and Sparrow Records including a Dove Awards nominated Rock Song Of The Year. We've co-written and had cuts with songwriters from BMG, EMI, Curb, and others, so we're not newbies.

The songwriting course we offer is aimed at helping aspiring songwriters who are also artists. We operate under the assumption that their primary focus is to develop original music for their own artistry and career. This course doesn't so much focus on "getting cuts" with other artists, although that can be an overflow that naturally occurs. Great songs frequently find their way onto the lists of many great artists and singers.
Our goal is to help developing artists find their own "voice" both musically and lyrically.

Although the course has 10 sessions and can be completed easily in a couple of months or less, this process is a personal one and can't be rushed. 

The course will cover topics and concepts that will act as "tools" by which the student can learn the "how to's" of songwriting. But it will also help them to develop a sense of who they are artistically; great songwriters always develop more than just a technical understanding of the skills.

It really is a process of finding out who they are, what they value, what they are passionate about, what inspires them and how to communicate those and many other ideas and concepts to their audience.